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The infrastructure of Estonian Railways is part of railways network with gauge width of 1520 and covers railways in full length of 1229 km.

Estonian Railways currently maintains three border stations  - Narva, Koidula and Valga.

Within previous five years, Estonian Railways has invested with European Union structural aid almost 200 million Euros into the development of railways and its surroundings. In that time, all major railway lines have also gone throrough renewal.

We have invested into the renewal of amortized railways, renovation of passenger platforms, fixing railways for improving traveling speed and increasing the quality of passenger travel, including building and maintaining pedestrian tunnels and bridges.

The aim of such work is to create an infrastructure that could support traveling speeds of  120 km/h for passenger trains and 80 km/h for cargo trains and would reduce the noise and vibration level of train traffic while also making it safer. 


Why choose Estonian Railways?

  • Free infrastructure capacity both on railways and in ports
  • Free competition
  • Well maintained infrastructure that can support traveling speeds of 120 km/h for passenger trains and 80 km/h for cargo trains
  • Deep harbours that allow holding ships with a DW of up to 300 000 tonnes
  • Station rails of 1500 meters in border and call stations, making it easy to process even very long trains
  • Quality and reliable traffic organisation - fast wagon circulation
  • Estonian Railways accepts trains with a weight of up to 5200 tonnes or 57 standard units in Koidula and Valga border stations and 5600 tonnes or 57 standard units in Narva. On special agreement with October Railway, Narva border station can accept trains that weigh no more than 7000 tonnes or 71 standard units.
  • Geographic location allowing quick access to important stations