Company Council

Council of Estonian Railways Ltd


Council membership

Priit Rohumaa – Chairman of the Council

Siiri Lahe - Council member

Ain Tatter – Council member

Raigo Uukkivi – Council member

Enn Veskimägi - Council member


Council's rules of procedure


Supervisory board of the council of Estonian Railways Ltd

The task of supervisory board is to partake in activities concerning supervision as a consulting organ, including monitoring and analyzing the processing of financial information, effectiveness of risk management and internal control, consolidated annual accounting reports, independence of  sworn auditor and the conformity of activities with established requirements.


Membership of supervisory board

chairman – Jaak Annus

members – Priit Rohumaa
Roman Laidinen

Rules of procedure of supervisory board


Safety board of Estonian Railways Ltd

The safety board created by the council is responsible for acting as a consulting organ and partake in issues concerning performing supervision, including taking the specific characters of railways into consideration and assuring daily safety to avoid dangerous traffic situations and emergencies, assuring implementing a safe infrastructure and organizing traffic for contractual rail transport service companies and providing a safe rail transport service as a rail transport service company, also assuring the safety of their employees and general public.  


Membership of safety board

chairman - Tamo Vahemets

members - Dago Antov
Tauno Suurkivi

Rules of procedure of safety board