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Passenger transport


Within last years the investments made by Estonian Railways have made traveling by train remarkably more comfortable - traveling speeds of passenger trains have increased, schedules have become more flexible and noise and vibration levels have dropped. 

Fast development of technical conditions allows providing extra comfort to the passenger and makes traveling by railroad safer. Safety is increased by better technological condition of railway infrastructure and bigger awareness of general public about the dangers that railways might portray. The biggest safety challenge of current year is raising the awareness on changes in traveling speeds and schedules. 

The infrastructure of Estonian Railways includes two companies providing passenger transport services.

National transport is arranged by Eesti Liinirongid Ltd providing passenger transport services under the name of Elron with new Stadler FLIRT electric and diesel-engined.


At the Tallinn - St.Petersburg - Moscow line there is operating daughter enterprise of Russian Railways Federal Passenger Company in co-operation with Estonian Railways. Ticket sales is managed by Go Rail