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Providing vital services


According to Railways Act, Estonian Railways is a provider of the vital services as the manager of public railways. 

Vital services are services that are essential for organising social activities, healthcare, safety, security and social welfare.

Estonian Railways aims to maintain railroad connecting as an essential service. It will be achieved by figuring out critical processes related to public railway management (processes that will affect the company's capabilities on providing vital services once they cease) and creating measures for preventing potential accidents or mitigating their consequences. Estonian Railways is actively working on preventing dangerous situations and being ready to deal with emergencies by

  • creating plans for preparing for emergencies and regulating procedures for dealing with such situations (e.g. procedures for reporting events endangering railway traffic and further behavior, safety regulations for transporting hazardous goods, guide for dealing with emergency situations, operation guide for employees in dangerous and nonstandard situations etc.)  
  • providing necessary resources (rescue train, emergency and rescue equipment)
  • cooperative agreements (with Police and Border Guard Board, Rescue Board, local government agencies, emergency medical staff and other related organisations etc.)
  • holding seminars and exercises (employees, cooperative partners)

If it proves necessary, Estonian Railways is ready to bring special equipment to sites that are not related to railway incidents. Estonian Railways is also equipped local emergency centers with mobile foam containers.