Company OTIF

Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF)


OTIF is an international organization comprising members that have joined the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail.  

This convention is an international system of legislative acts concerning international railway transport, which is also being implemented on related road and water transport.  

First international railway transport convention came into force already in 1893.
During a reform of 1980, railway transport convention CIM and passenger transport convention CIV were merged into a uniform rule set under the name of Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail  (COTIF), which came into force in 01.05.1985. It has later been revised with a protocol drawn up on 3rd of July, 1999 in Vilnius.

On the same day, an international organisation of governmental institutes, OTIF, was created with an aim to harmonize and improve regulations for international railway transport. The organisation currently olds 42 member states from three continents (Europe, Africa and Asian Middle East). The organisation includes all current member states of European Union. Estonia joined on 1st of January, 2009.

Harmonized passenger and freight transport regulations created by the organisation are being implemented on railways in length of more than 235000 km and on roads and water paths in joint length of about 19000km.

The headquarters of organisation are located in Berne, Gryphenhübeliweg 30 CH-3006, BERN.