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Koidula border station


The biggest infrastructure development project launched in Estonia within previous years has been the building and opening of Koidula border station in South-East Estonia.  Building the most modern border station in European Union on Russia-Estonian border was important both from the viewpoint of transport and regional politics and affecting positively cross-country cargo and passenger transport.

In addition to allowing supervision over cargo at state border by following modern requirements, the border station also creates good conditions for transporting all cargo groups, but especially for checking container and animal-plant products, for example products requiring plant health control.

  • 10 track pairs
  • 92 hectares
  • 22,7 kilometers of tracks
  • Station complex also includes a customs and veterinary inspection buildings and maintenance station for trains and railroad cars.
  • Cross-station between Russia, Estonia and Latvia
  • Capacity up to 15 train pairs per 24 hours