General public Safety



Safety is the priority of Estonian Railways and no compromises are made in that area. Increasing speeds and traffic density require increasingly bigger safety-related investments into railway infrastructure and actions necessary for assuring safety. As an railway infrastructure entrepreneur, Estonian Railways assures safety thanks to their own efforts and co-operation with other railway companies and partners.

Estonian Railways has strong skills and sufficient technology for handling emergencies and constant preparation for crisis situations. In order to prevent crisis situations and increase reaction speed in case of accidents we perform constant railway-related exercises in co-operation with Police and Border Guard Board, Rescue Board, local government agencies, emergency medical staff and other related organisations. Safe and problem free railroad traffic is achieved by working 24/7.

But safety alone isn't enough if road users don't pay attention and follow safety rules. 

In order to educate people on dangers lurking on railroads and to spread consciousness on railroads as dangerous places, Estonian Railways Ltd founded a non-profit association Operation Lifesaver Estonia (OLE). OLE's mission is to raise the consciousness of people on possible dangers related to railways and educate them on how to act on railroads in order to avoid traffic accidents and therefore decrease the mortality and injury rate.  

To guarantee safety on railway infrastructure:

  • we follow international and national legislation and intra-company safety requirements to guarantee the safety of our actions;
  • introduce communication- and security devices for railway traffic management that only assure uninterrupted communication and safe traffic;
  • with co-operational partners we assure safety in cargo transport and pay attention to preventing potential accidents, reacting to current accidents and dealing with consequences of accidents that do happen;  
  • we impose conditions and safety requirements for maintaining and using railway infrastructure and follow their execution to assure the safety of our actions and those of other railway companies;  
  • we figure out issues creating emergencies, assess risks and create different preventive measures;
  • we figure out the circumstances of work accidents, railroad traffic accidents, incidents and implement different preventive measures to avoid such incidents;
  • we assure that employees are qualified for their position, have passed required training and instructive procedures for fulfilling their work tasks in a safe manner.