General public Safety indicators

Safety indicators


In the meaning of railway act an instance affecting railway safety is a railway collision in the first or second degree or accident.

Railway collision in the first degree is a collision on railway which results in death of a person, health damage to at least five people, extensive fire or significant suspension of railway traffic or as a result of which railway vehicles, railway infrastructure or the environment is damaged to the extent of at least two million Euros by estimation of the Safety Investigation Bureau.

Railway collision in the second degree is an unexpected or unplanned event or chain of events resulting in damage, like in a collision of railway vehicles with another train or rollick stock performing maneuvers, obstacle or a person, or in a fire.

Railway incident is an interruption of activities, defect, failure or another irregularity that affected or could have affected railway safety but that cannot be identified as a railway collision or accident. E.g. gauge breakage, deformation of railroad, obstructions caused by false signals, passing the signal in case of an emergency or breakage of a wheel or axis of rolling stock currently in use.


Public railway safety of the infrastructure of Estonian Railways between 2003-2013: