General public Tasks for crisis regulation

Tasks for crisis regulation


1) create railway risk assessment in order to figure out possible emergencies (risk analysis)

2) create methods for preventing emergencies and ways for dealing with consequences if necessary

3) create crisis regulating plans

4) prepare structures for dealing with emergencies

5) create resources required for dealing with emergencies

6) solving emergencies

7) reinstating the pre-crisis situation

8) hold a seminar on crisis regulation

COOPERATION with different institutions (Police and Border Guard Board, Rescue Board, local government agencies, emergency medical staff and other related organisations etc.)


Principles of crisis regulation of Estonian Railways

1. Prevention

legislation, normatives, risk assessment

- guides for action, management systems

- exercises

2. Reaction

- launching plans

- operative management

- performing rescue work

3. Dealing with the aftermath of emergencies

- fixing the damage

- reinstating the pre-crisis situation